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An expert in aquatic invasive species and the diseases of aquatic invertebrates, Dan's research has focused on developing ecologically-sound, biocontrol methods for managing aquatic invasive species ‒ in particular, fouling invasive dreissenids (zebra/quagga mussels) ‒ and other nuisance aquatic invertebrate pests, such as biting black flies and mosquitoes.

Dan Molloy

He is a Research Scientist/Adjunct Professor at the State University of New York Great Lakes Center at Buffalo and also maintains an affiliation with the University of Illinois Natural History Survey at Urbana-Champaign.  In addition, he directs Molloy & Associates, LLC – an international research and consulting firm with expertise in the biology, ecology, and control of dreissenid (zebra and quagga) mussels.

Marked by a passion for environmental protection, his international research activities have resulted in a variety of scientific contributions as evidenced by his publications, presentations, patents, and biological control agent commercialization successes.

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