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Dan is the Patent Inventor of the biological control method now being commercialized exclusively by Marrone Bio Innovations® under the product name Zequanox®* – the first green biopesticide for the control of zebra/quagga mussels.


  • Molloy, D. P.  2004.  A Method for Controlling Dreissena Species.  Canadian Intellectual Property Office, Industry Canada.  Patent No. 2,225,436.  (Filed December 22, 1997 & issued December 21, 2004.)  13 pp.  (Available online.)


  • Molloy, D. P.  2001.  A Method for Controlling Dreissena Species.  United States Patent and Trademark Office, U. S. Department of Commerce.  Patent No. 6,194,194.  (Filed December 17, 1997 & issued February 27, 2001.)  4 pp.  (Available online.)





* Zequanox® is a registered trademark of Marrone Bio Innovations

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